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The WOW Experience
Every now and then, we screw up.

It’s never fun to admit that, but not acknowledging when it happens - and not making it right for our customer - would feel even worse.

Here’s the story from Elio Napolitano, manager of our Menifee store.

“A few weeks ago, we installed a catalytic converter that didn’t allow the customer’s vehicle to pass a smog test. The customer was rightfully annoyed. Her husband even questioned her decision to bring the vehicle to the ‘new guys’ in town.” (Our Menifee store opened in January 2019.)

Elio said, “Once we realized our mistake, we got it corrected with no money out-of-pocket for the customer.”

Then, fast forward a couple of days. “Our customer called me and said she was working on a paper for college. One of the topics required her to speak with the manager of a retail location on their ethics and procedures. She asked if she could interview me because she was so happy with the way we handled her situation.”

The moral of the story: “We as managers need to look at negative situations as opportunities to earn lifelong customers,” said Elio. “The true test of customer service is not when things go right, but how they’re handled when everything goes wrong.”

That’s an element of the “WOW! Experience” that Mountain View Tire and Auto Service was founded on back in 1987. Stop in soon and let us treat you to car care with a higher level of care.

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