dont buy used tires"Everyone who drives a car should see this video."

That's how Chris Mitsos responded when I showed him the news report below.

Chris is the Vice President of Mountain View Tire. He didn't know I was going to quote him in this blog post. That's just how strongly he agrees with the video's main point that buying used tires is not a good idea.

There are already too many variables you can't control while driving, from weather and road conditions to impaired or unfocused drivers. Buying used tires just adds another potentially lethal element to the mix.

In an article for Tire Review, Editor Jim Smith writes, "The used tire argument is a tough one. Yes, there are many reputable firms that specialize in supplying dealers with 'quality' used tires. But as much as they claim each and every tire is carefully and fully inspected, no one can offer 100% assurance that a good-looking used radial with 6/32nds tread left hasn't been curbed or run flat or otherwise abused. No one warrants them."

We understand that tires can represent a big investment for many people, but choosing to buy used tires can lead to an accident that proves more costly than you might ever imagine. That's why Mountain View Tire has made a commitment to not sell used tires at any of our locations.

Please don't risk your family's safety to save a few dollars. If you need help buying tires, let us know. We offer financing options that can delay or spread out payments and make the purchase easier on your budget.

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