Maximum Vehicle Performance

Along with our coupons and manufacturers' rebates, there's another way we can help you get more out of your vehicle for less: MVP Checks!

MVP stands for Maximum Vehicle Performance. When you pull into any Mountain View Tire and Auto Service store in Southern California, our car care experts can provide this exclusive service for you free of charge.

The MVP Check includes four steps.

1) We'll look for brake drag. It's a problem that has many causes, including corroded calipers, broken springs, an aging master cylinder, and frozen emergency brake cables. They can all result in brakes that don't fully disengage once you take your foot off the pedal. That “dragging” of the brake shoe can lead to lower gas mileage, as well as premature brake wear.

2) We'll check your tire pressure. Tires can lose two pounds of pressure per month even when there's nothing technically wrong with them. If just one of your tires is underinflated by 10 pounds per square inch, your fuel economy will be cut by about 3.3%. If all four tires are each 10 pounds low, your MPG could easily drop by 10% or more.

3) We'll inspect your air filter. A dirty air filter can rob you of horsepower and, according to some sources, as much as 10% of your gas mileage. Over a year, that could cost you hundreds of dollars in wasted gasoline. That's a whole lot more than the price of a new filter.

4) We'll check your wheel alignment. Whenever your wheels and tires aren't perfectly parallel with each other and perpendicular to the road, your vehicle has to work harder than it should to move forward. It uses more fuel in the process, too. Improperly aligned wheels also shorten your tires' service life.

Yes, there are other considerations that affect your vehicle’s performance and how much gas it uses, from the weight and design of your car, to the speed you drive, even weather and road conditions. But, after your free MVP Check at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, you'll have the most up-to-date information about four of the controllable factors that impact fuel economy and performance.

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