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Car Jack

TPMS technology tells you that you may have a leaky tire.

The abundance of automotive service shops in Southern California makes finding the tire help you need easy.

And if you have tire trouble far from the nearest town or late at night, you can call for roadside assistance.

Comforting, right?

Even with all the options you have, though, it’s still good to know how to change your own tire. (If you could use a refresher course, watch this video on our blog.)

But, before you can swap a flat for a spare, you’ll need the answers to these questions.

  • Do you even have a spare tire? Many vehicles don't. If yours does, do you know where it is and how to remove it? Can you say with confidence that it’s fully inflated? Check your spare’s pressure and condition each month when you check your other tires.

    Lug Wrench
  • Do you have a lug wrench, and does it fit the lug nuts on your current set of wheels? Sometimes lug wrenches get passed down from vehicle to vehicle or shared among family members. If you have a single-socket lug wrench that’s not compatible with your wheels, you won’t be using it to change your flat tire. So, consider buying a four-way lug wrench that lets you remove four different sizes of lugs. With a four-way wrench, you’ll be able to help just about anyone else who needs a tire changed, too.

  • Do you have a jack? If so, have you practiced how to use it safely and where on your vehicle you need to place it? Some jack designs aren’t intuitive, and you don’t want to have to fumble with yours on the side of the road to get it to work.

Take a few minutes this weekend to find your spare tire, lug wrench and jack. Get familiar with them. You might even want to practice changing a tire or teaching a younger driver in your family how to do it.

But please be careful. Changing a tire or jacking up a car for any reason can be dangerous. We’ll always be happy to do the work for you or answer any questions you may have so you can become more confident with the process.

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