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Air Conditioner Service

During Southern California summers your car’s air conditioner is just about as important as its steering wheel.

But when the cool air blowing from the vents is less than fresh, the smell can make taking the bus seem like a more pleasant alternative.

Your car’s air conditioning system removes water from the air. Some of that condensation can collect in and around the AC unit and create a breeding ground for mold and fungus. When the blower motor forces air over that water, the mold is dispersed throughout your vehicle’s cabin. The result: a bad odor and maybe even allergic reactions in some passengers.

To treat the problem, we perform an AC deodorizer service using a product called BG Frigi-Fresh. It safely eliminates any foul odors by killing their sources - mold, mildew and fungi - and keeps your vehicle’s interior smelling fresh without the need to manually clean your AC system.

BG Frigi-Fresh is an EPA and USDA-accepted disinfectant, deodorant and sanitizer.

Make an online appointment for your AC deodorizer service. You can also call your nearest Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location or just stop in.

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