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Recirculation Button

Do you know what your car’s “recirculation” button does? It’s okay if you don’t. Lots of people are stumped by it.

The feature is most helpful during the warmest months of the year. When the button is pushed or the recirculation option is chosen, the cooler, air-conditioned air already in your cabin will be re-used and cooled again by your vehicle’s AC system.

When the recirculation option is not in use, fresh air will continually be drawn in from outside of the vehicle. Of course, that outside air will be hot. That means your air conditioning system will need to work harder to keep cooling the warmer air. And when your AC is working harder, your car uses more fuel and you put more stress on your AC compressor.

So, to keep the air inside the cabin cooled as efficiently as possible, choose recirculation. If you drive a newer model, sensors in the vehicle may make the choice for you, switching between fresh and recirculated air when appropriate.

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