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Steering and Suspension

Your vehicle's steering and suspension are responsible for providing optimal ride comfort and handling. When the components of those systems are worn or broken, other problems can develop, too, including excessive tire wear, as well as a decrease in vehicle stability and driver control.

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Most car manufacturers recommend a steering and suspension system check every 50,000 miles, but pull into the nearest Mountain View Tire and Auto Service location if you notice any of the following warning signs, regardless of your mileage:

• Excessive noise when driving over bumps
• A harsh, bumpy or shaky ride
• Extreme bouncing and wandering over the road
• A crooked steering wheel
• Uneven tire wear

There are many parts that make up the steering and suspension systems. If your vehicle isn’t handling properly, one or more of these parts may need to be repaired or replaced:

• Ball joints     • Bushings
• Sway bar links  • Center links
• Idler arms  • Pitman arms
• Rack & pinion units  • CV joints / Boots
• Tie rod ends / Sleeves  • CV axle half shafts
• Shock absorbers  • MacPherson struts / Cartridges
• Universal joints and springs 

Steering and suspension systems are complex, so if your car doesn’t feel quite right or you’re hearing unusual sounds from the front of the vehicle, call, stop in or make an online appointment. We can identify any misalignments and other problems, then get you back on the road quickly.

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