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Happy_MVT_CustomersWe're so pleased that so many of our customers take the time to write to us about their Mountain View Tire & Auto Service experience. That confirms for us that we're doing something right.

If you ever have any feedback - good or bad - that you'd like to share with us, please write to us at Mountain View Tire & Auto Service, 8548 Utica Avenue, Rancho Cucamonga, California 91730 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Here is a small sampling of some of the letters / emails we've received. The more recent testimonials are near the top of the page.


I have been a customer of the Glendale store for over 20 years and have always been satisfied with the price, service and personnel. I have had a special relationship with Emillo. I consider him my mechanic. I can depend on him to give me an honest opinion of what service is needed and [that the] work will be done correctly.

Glendale, CA.


Dear Chris,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for these tires that I received today. I am very happy my car is driving smoothly.

I just wanted to let you know what a remarkable and competent employee you have in Henry. He greeted me with the utmost respect and professionalism, and exceeded my expectations in the quality of customer service that he provided. I am so impressed by your company [that] I will definitely be recommending your services to all my family and friends.

With much appreciation, thanks again, and happy holidays to you and yours,
Bridget Leon


To Whom It May Concern:

On 12/3/10 I brought my car in for a battery charge. I was told by AAA that I needed an alternator, but you had put one in my car in 2004. AAA had started my car with a jump start three times on 12/3/10, and each time I insisted I needed a new battery. After one-and-a-half hours of charging, Adam Webb [from Mountain View Tire Palm Desert] told me my battery was dead and I needed a new one, and that the alternator was just fine. I called AAA to bring a new charged battery to Mountain View Tire and put it in. Adam talked to the man from AAA and finally I was given a new pro-rated battery.

Never again will I buy anything for my car from anyone but Mountain View Tire. They have taken care of my car for 20 years. The service is good, but what I count on is the knowledge of your staff, such as Adam. His courtesy and kindness to an upset old lady were beyond his job description!!!

Sandra Hersh
Rancho Mirage, CA.


I brought my Saturn in for service on 11/4/2010 and Earnest [Selma at Long Beach] was TREMENDOUSLY helpful. He figured out a way to bring the cost of repair down to a level that fit my budget, provided for transportation to and from my house, and was polite, considerate and kind throughout the whole process. I would have forwarded this note of appreciation sooner, but unfortunately I misplaced the contact information. When I found it this afternoon I was delighted to be able - at long last - to let Mountain View Tire know how pleased I was to do business with Earnest. I will recommend your facility and Earnest to all my friends and colleagues. Thanks again.

Jeanne Picard


My name is Technical Sergeant Gilbert Rodela, and I work as Management Services NCO for the Department of Public Works at Los Alamitos Joint Forces Training Base, located approximately 60 miles from your Newhall Mountain View Tire location. I currently serve militarily and travel quite a bit from Seal Beach to Ventura, as well as many points in between.

I would first like to mention the fact that my girlfriend, Cynthia Maker, who is a U. S. Postal Service Letter Carrier, delivers mail to your Newhall location and has developed a high level of trust with your staff. Interestingly enough, it is difficult for women to trust the advice of a mechanic because of the stigma attached to how women have been mistreated and overcharged in the past.

I was introduced to Mr. Troy Clewis, General Manager, and Mr. Ray Gutierrez, Service Manager, who have assisted me with my car on a few occasions already. I own a 2003 Nissan Pathfinder and since it is my only means of transportation, I cannot afford to be without it. I have come to trust them both so much that it is not a major ordeal if I have to drive the miles it takes for me to take my car in to them for repairs. I have had them work on several items previously and have been completely satisfied with their professionalism, expertise and diligence to make sure I have a trustworthy vehicle once they are finished with it.

The reason I am emailing you today is to congratulate you on how Mr. Ray Gutierrez has gone above and beyond the call of duty and cemented my positive belief in Mountain View Tire and how [you] take care of [your] customers.

I took two days off last week before Thanksgiving for the purpose of seeing Ray and Troy to have them attend to an oil leak I had recently discovered. I had taken [my car] to a local mechanic here at Los Alamitos, and before he even looked at it, he quoted me a price of $3,500 to repair said oil leak.

I did not haggle with Ray as I dropped off my car. I knew he would have his staff diagnose the problem and give me a reasonable cost estimate. I had all the confidence that I would be treated with the utmost care. It turns out that initially all my car needed was to have my oil cooler component tightened - no charge. While I had my car in their shop, I agreed with their diagnosis of replacing my shocks and having my front and rear differential oil drained and replaced.

I was happy as I drove out to celebrate Thanksgiving with my father in Ontario, California. As I was visiting my family I discovered that the oil leak had returned, so I called Ray to see what it could be. He said to bring my car back on Sunday. They looked at my car and discovered that they had misdiagnosed my issue. They realized that the gaskets sealing the housing had become brittle and were no longer able to keep oil from leaking out of the component. I was more than willing to pay for their time and effort to replace the gaskets, but Ray let me know that because I had to drive all the way back from Ontario just to bring them my car when it was supposed to be fixed the first time, [they would] waive the cost, thus causing me to sing their praises to you in my email.

I would like to recognize Mr. Ray Gutierrez, Mr. Troy Clewis and their staff for always being helpful and courteous, as well as honest and forthcoming with regard to my vehicle. I do not simply trust anyone based upon their word alone. Your staff has proven to me time and time again that they do more than just promise - they deliver what they say they will and then some. They have always gone above and beyond where it concerns servicing their customers.

In closing, I want you to know that good news travels fast however, BAD news travels faster. I have been Mountain View Tire's biggest fan since having my car successfully worked on by your staff. I recommend that my staff and friends go to Mountain View Tire for any and all auto-related issues they may have. I tell them that it may, in fact, be a long drive, but at least they can rest assured knowing that they'll have a reliable company taking care of them and their car-related issues.

Thank you again for your time.

Gilbert Rodela, TSgt
Management Services NCO
Directorate of Public Works
Joint Forces Training Base
Los Alamitos, California


Good Morning!

Very rarely in this day and age do I find something that truly impresses me, but the folks at your Long Beach, California store (2169 Bellflower Avenue) deserve my praises. Never before have I been so fairly treated and received such overall quality. You have a true team of professionals at this location! Not only did (Managers) Todd Hanbrough and Greg Chesney do themselves proud, but so did Ernest and the entire crew. This is truly an establishment I will frequent for ALL my automotive needs! I will always promote this store and these people to any person I know needing automotive care.

Thanks again,
Joseph F. Anderko
The Boeing Company


Being new to the area and having used one of the Goodyear Tire locations elsewhere in California with success, I visited [your] Tarzana location.

I found the communications to be great with regard to emailing in for an appointment. (Where do you write a business and get a return message within a half hour?) The office staff explained everything and answered multiple questions that I had. I particularly appreciate that they are open 7 days per week and have no problem driving me to and from their location.

Today I decided to try the nitrogen for [my] tires, because I am not the world's most attentive owner when it comes to keeping the tires filled. Nitrogen does not have to be refilled [as often], and for a $10 fee per tire [I] can watch the alert light now and know it is more diagnostic, because only a slow leak or major problem will now make that little yellow pest on the dash light up.

Kind regards,
Ellen O'Donohue


Todd [Hansbrough], a service manager here in Long Beach, impressed me so much today that I decided to write this note. He was exceptionally professional, friendly and helpful. I was also very impressed by the way he related to the mechanics in the shop, and I could sense a mutual respect among the team members.

Jarek Klimczak
Long Beach, CA.


(This review originally appeared on See it here.)

This place is my go-to for all car repair. I have constantly been impressed with what they can do, in little time, on a drop-in basis, effectively and professionally. I often take my car there thinking they won't be able to tackle what's wrong -- it's a tire place, not a brake place -- but they always can.

On the door, there's a decal denoting that it's woman-friendly. Well, that's really very true. The reason I chose Mountain View [Ventura] initially was its location at the mall. I hate sitting and aimlessly waiting, so when I drop my car off, I go shop for whatever I might need that day in the mall and they call me when I need to come back, or with questions. But besides enabling my busybody shopping habit, the "woman-friendliness" of this repair shop extends to the caliber of customer service the staff provides. I've been offered rides from the employees if I needed them, I've been given free service (small fee repairs like light bulb replacements) for my loyalty, and I've always been addressed with the utmost courtesy and friendliness. I don't usually feel alienated by mechanics exactly, but never with Mountain View. Also, is it just me or are the employees all young, attractive men? Is that part of the reason they earned the decal?

Amber B.
Ventura, CA.


Dear Management,

I needed all 4 tires replaced on my truck. Chris Hurd from your Fontana store helped me yesterday with a consultation and today with the service appointment. He kept his word on everything we discussed in the consultation. He was pleasant and very efficient.

Many thanks,
Stefanie McIntyre


I just wanted to drop a quick line and let the company know how impressed I am with Tim Livingston. He is a very knowledgeable manager and extremely helpful.

I have had all my cars in his shop from time to time and he always has his team provide me with the absolute best service I have ever experienced. I am very appreciative of that.

Jeff Nishkian
Customer for Life


Dear Mountain View Tire,

Just want to thank the entire team for their excellent customer service headed by Service Manager Jose of your Oxnard branch. We brought in our Ford Explorer with a busted rack and pinion assembly and [they] fixed the problem in no time. We will definitely refer the team to our friends!

Renato and Monrose Fuentes


I recently had the A/C repaired on my '06 Hummer H3 at Mountain View Tire in Palm Desert. I would like to personally thank Chris and the team at Mountain View Tire for a job well done. Not only was I driven home and picked up, but the vehicle was ready a day early, and the bill was far below what I expected. The dealership suggested I purchase an extended warranty [for] pre-existing conditions [that] would not be covered. I turned down their offer, and I'm glad I drove to Mountain View Tire in Palm Desert.

Sheldon Offenbach
Palm Desert, CA.


To Whom It May Concern,

I wanted to make it known that I received exceptional service beyond anything I could have ever expected from your [store] in Burbank, California.

I was heading to Lebec, California and blew out my tire just north of Burbank. I called the Magnolia location and spoke with Leville Slayton. He dispatched Jacob Pomaville to my location where he retrieved the tire from my vehicle, brought it back to the store, replaced the tire, and repaired the wheel.

Amid this stressful situation, Jacob had a cold drink ready for me and, beyond that, actually purchased two jack stands from a nearby auto parts store, as neither one of us had them.

I wanted to share this story with you as it is a rarity, especially in the Los Angeles area. They have secured me as a new customer with their exceptional service and care. They should be recognized for their dedication. It is obvious they are the creme of the crop in their field.

Van Heerling


Mike gave us the best deal in town. Their service was professional, prompt and courteous. As a business owner in the same shopping center, I will continue to refer all my clients to this facility. Thanks!!

Janet Gallup
Winchester, CA.


You have an incredible team that's trustworthy and knows how to provide superior customer service. Mr. Sam Aslanian (Duarte) has gone the extra mile to fix my car beyond expectation. I would recommend all my friends and family to this location any time.

A. Sanders
Monrovia, CA.


This morning's service appointment was among the best customer service I've EVER experienced at any store - automotive or otherwise. Superb courtesy, unbeatable pricing, great staff. You have just made me a loyal customer. Bravo. Joseph and the team have restored my faith in the belief that the fundamentals of business - courtesy, quality, pricing - are still alive and well. Thanks for a GREAT customer experience.

Marc Parmet
Camarillo, CA.


Every staff member I encountered was very friendly. I specially appreciate the honesty of your staff (Sam Aslanian / Duarte). They never sell me services I don't need. I trust the staff and have 100% confidence in them taking care of my car.

Shirley Chiang
Monrovia, CA.


A week ago, I notified you of our unhappiness with your La Quinta store failing to offer any fair solution to our tire problem, but instead was simply told to buy four new tires.

Jim Mellin contacted me early in the week and I went over to talk to him. After he listened and looked at our service history, he asked if he could inspect the car and tires. My wife took the car over the next afternoon after work. He was very courteous to her and thoroughly inspected the tires and car. He called me the next day and offered a substantial discount on new tires since we had done everything that had been asked of us since purchasing the tires from his store.

We just returned from the store after the tires were installed and we had asked him to [perform] a service check on the car. He called me mid-day to inform me of what they found in the service check, and I asked him to go ahead with his recommendation. It is such a relief to know that he is there and willing to give us great service without fear of being taken advantage of. Our loyalty to his store is now solid because of [his]listening and offering fantastic customer service. He apologized to us for the previous incident and thanked us for sending the original email. We will not only not hesitate to come back, but we will make sure all our friends and co-workers are aware of Jim and Mountain View Tire.

Our thanks to him, and you should thank him, too.

Kind regards,
Jim and Pat Corey
Indio, CA.


To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a customer of Mountain View Tire for the past eight years. I have noticed a much higher standard of service and professionalism since Steve Benedetto [began] working at your Tustin, California store. He is the reason I've referred six friends of mine to this location, and all of them have expressed satisfaction for the cordial and prompt service they received. They all continue to take their vehicles to him and they refer him to their friends.

Ron Shahbandi
Tustin, CA.


Al and Tommy (Tarzana store) were wonderful. Tommy got the best tires for me at the best price. Then Al treated me like gold when I came in to get the tires. Now I'm going back to get my car serviced and have my tires rotated. And I will be back again!

Mindy Reed
Woodland Hills, CA.

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