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I woke up in FREEZING weather to a tire so flat that the rim was touching the ground. I tried my best to get the jack out of my car (I didn't know how so I had to refer to the manual in the glove compartment), then I wasn't strong enough to get the lug nuts off. I couldn't feel my fingers because it was so cold (and I had also just washed my hair while getting ready for work. Are you getting the picture?) Then I was horrified to realize I was starting to cry (lame girl move) and figured I'd call a gas station to come help me get the lug nuts off. A guy came out and charged me $55, which I guess was okay, but he didn't even put any of my stuff back, so I had to try and reassemble the cargo floor of my SUV while he drove off waving the check out the window.

So, my undersized little temporary tire [and I] limped over to [your] Magnolia [store in Burbank] where I remember you quoting me a price on some touring "Coopers." I stumbled into [Mountain View Tire] babbling for "Hutch," but some angel named Leville told me not to worry and that he would take care of everything. Not only did I get 4 new tires (and a lecture on nitrogen vs. air! Ha ha), but I got to sip coffee while guys kept coming and going, showing me head counts on lug nut covers and stem valve caps, etc. They were super conscientious. Leville even did the work because he said, otherwise, I would have been waiting too long. (He didn't even know that I work at the Superior Court in Simi and they were already tapping their toes wanting me back at work.) One guy even walked by and said "Your car is almost ready" with a big smile. Suddenly, I couldn't remember what I was so stressed out about.

I will be a customer of yours FOREVER because you and your crew took care of me above and beyond the call of duty, even though I was at my most vulnerable. I hate feeling helpless, and dealing with auto guys is even worse because I know they could tell me almost anything and I'd have to take their word for it. Yours is an industry where trust and reputation is key. Thanks for being a shining example. I'll be back. With donuts next time!

Thanks to you and all your gentlemen. They are a chivalrous bunch. You raised them well.

Cindy Calabro

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