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Dear District Manager,

I wanted to send a big thank you out to your crew at Mountain View Tire in Duarte and a special mention to Robert [Crosswhite] for his prompt attention and fast turn-around of my vehicle on 3/19.

My wife wakes me at noon (night worker) on the 19th and states there is a flat on her car. She needs to leave for work and [asks if] I can take care of it. So, she takes my car. I get up and grab some coffee and head out to see. I put some air in the tire and it's a slow leak with the telltale hiss of escaping air. I jump in and head out to Mountain View for what I thought would be a quick repair. Robert checks the tire and stated it is unrepairable because it was bald.

Several thoughts go through my mind at that point. I cannot call in sick as it is a Saturday. I work 3pm to 3am as an RN in a very busy trauma center. Should I leave the car? Should I call a taxi and go home to get ready? Should I have them throw the donut on and limp to work? As it is now 12:30pm I need to make a decision.

Robert states that he can put 2 new tires on and I should be out within the hour. I said,

"Let's do it." Upon checking for in-stock tires, he found that they no longer carry my size. (My heart sank.) But he put a call out to his local supplier and they had my size in stock. Robert said, "I can go grab them and have you out within the hour." It is now 12:50pm. I said, "Let's do it."

Sure enough, I was out of there and back home at 2pm to shower and head to work. So, a big thanks to Robert and your crew


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