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Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageBrought my 2012 Chevy Volt here [Huntington Beach] after I got a flat tire. Business was clean, everyone was wearing a mask, the service was excellent and prices were great! They checked my alignment and made adjustments for free. I got 3 new tires and an alignment done in less than an hour. Five stars!

Kate C.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageIf you're looking for honesty, integrity and good character, you've come to the right place! I can't even trust friends as much as I trust these guys here at Mountain View [Huntington Beach]!

I send my daughter there for ALL of her maintenance needs and car issues because I can trust Jacob the service manager to treat her right! They treat every customer as if they are the best customer and they literally go the extra mile! I wish I could give them 100+ stars!

Matthew C.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageThis place is the best!

The team here [Huntington Beach] knows their stuff for sure and I won't hesitate to bring my vehicles in for any future work. They do it all. Tires, balancing, alignments, engine work, brakes - you name it.

They installed lowering springs and mounted/balanced some brand new wheel and tires I brought to them. They're specialty custom wheels and are wide, so I was a bit nervous. BUT, they were installed without a hiccup. No scratches or damage upon install and the balancing was perfect. No wobble in the steering wheel. I had a slight steering wheel issue as it was slightly turned to the left when going straight, but an alignment done here solved the problem!

Don't hesitate to have these guys work on your cars. 

Andrew A.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageBrought my 2012 Chevy Volt here [Huntington Beach] after I got a flat tire. Business was clean, everyone was wearing a mask, the service was excellent, and prices were great!

They checked my alignment and made adjustments for free. I got 3 new tires and an alignment done in less than an hour. Five stars!

Kate C.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageI dropped in on these guys (Huntington Beach) this morning while Pep Boys was doing an advertised inspection on a car I was thinking of buying that also needed new tires.

They helped me determine some alternative compatible tires that would work for me, AND told me they do FREE "used car, pre-purchase" inspections! Live and learn.

Pep Boys said, "don't buy the car." So, I brought it to Mountain View for a second opinion, and they explained why the problem was to be expected in "old age," not horrific, and helped me understand why buying the car could still be a great decision. And they made exactly ZERO dollars during these conversations.

This is why people develop brand loyalty. GREAT JOB, GUYS! I won't forget it.

Karl S.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageSo I have the worst luck with running over screws. Third tire in 4 months I've had to get patched up. I go in to get this one done [at Huntington Beach] and, unfortunately for me, my tire was so bald they couldn't even patch it. Found out two of my tires were unsafe and needed to be replaced.

As a single mom, panic starts to set it on how I could afford to replace them. Doing both didn't seem to be an option, so I told them to go ahead and replace the one that had air leaking.

Two minutes later, the manager, Robert, comes out, realized it was a money issue, and found a way to lower the price so I could get both taken care of right away. Instantly, relieved my stress! Extremely kind and understanding. Actually, every employee I interacted with was so nice!

Got it done in record time, which I was so grateful for since I had my toddler with me.

Thanks again, Robert! You're amazing and I really appreciate your help! Thanks for making a stressful thing so much easier to deal with.

Carali B.
Costa Mesa, CA.

Huntington Beach Testimonial ImageI would like to compliment Pete Loague and Brandon in the service area of your Huntington Beach store. I have been [coming to] Mountain View since 2000 and have been a loyal customer because of the service that I receive.

This past week, I had issues with our 2000 4Runner. A 'check engine' light came on and I experienced misfiring in 2 cylinders. It turned out to be a particularly tricky problem, but Pete and Brandon stayed with it until it was finally resolved. I was impressed with their dedication and the way that Pete stayed in communication with me and explained what needed to be done.

Pete made it a point to show me what parts had been replaced and why. I appreciate the professionalism and the service I received.

Ray Valencia

Huntington Beach Testimonial Image

I wanted to thank Mike Kisslan and his crew at the Huntington Beach store. My family and I were given exceptional service July 1, 2013 on what could have been a tragic day.

We were heading back home to Phoenix, when temperatures were reaching the 116+ degree mark. As we inspected the tires before the trip back, I noticed that the front passenger tire was beginning to show the belt.

Not knowing the area, I went online and found the Huntington Beach store. I explained the situation regarding the timeframe for getting back to Phoenix, so Mike said to come in and he would see what he could do. Within minutes of arriving, the van was on the lift, and we looked at the tires.

While looking at the tires, [we] noticed that there was a small and slow drip coming from the radiator. The mechanic and I couldn't locate [the source], so he said he would do a pressure check to see what the problem was. Unfortunately, it turned out that the radiator was cracked. Being that it was noon, my first thought was finding a place to stay for the night. Instead, I was told the radiator could be there in about an hour, and he would get the tires and alignment done in the meantime.

We were back on the road to Phoenix within 3-1/2 hours from first arriving at the store. Had the crack in the radiator not been caught, my family and I could have been stuck on the side of the Arizona roads during the hottest weekend this year.

To top it all off, Mike called me on July 2nd, to make sure we got home okay. It is this type of customer service that you don't see very often, and I want it to be known that it is greatly appreciated!!!

Thank you,
Charles Broadwick
Phoenix, Arizona

Huntington_Beach_Testimonial_ImageTo Whom it May Concern:

Last night I came back from vacation only to see I had a flat tire. I'd been having problems with it prior, but after seeing it again I knew I had to take it in for inspection. I initially called a competitor, but wanted to get a second price quotation.

I called Jack last night at the Huntington Beach store and he was polite and professional and told me to come in the next morning and speak with him personally. Well, I did. He quickly looked at my poor tire and ascertained that there was a nail in it and [that I] only needed a patch, not a new tire, which I couldn't really afford (just coming back from vacation and all). He knew I had to get to work today and took great care of me...quickly. In and out.

The H.B. store has earned my loyalty and I couldn't be happier with the service offered by Jack. I'll definitely be coming back.

Best Regards,
Dan Koven


I stupidly tried to save [money] by going to another Goodyear in Huntington Beach one time. My $13.95 oil change ended up costing me over $700 [and] three trips back to correct the damage they did to my car. [I] finally [went] to my usual Goodyear in Huntington Beach.

Sonny and the guys were great in trying to help me recoup my losses and letting me know exactly what was wrong with my car. Unfortunately, I had to pay again to fix my car correctly. The other Goodyear isn't owned by Mountain View and I wasn't trusting them to fix their mistake after being lied to and ending up with more damage to my car. I felt I was being insulted for being a woman. (I did take auto shop in high school.) Of course, Mountain View was also $200 cheaper than what I originally payed the other company.

The guys at the Huntington Beach store are the BEST! They treat me with respect, explain everything to me, and give me a fair price without trying to rip me off. I will never stray again. I promise!!!!

Jovey Dalton

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