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Lakewood Testimonial ImageThe response time for a quote was fast and the online appointment was very convenient.

The store manager emailed me for a quote right away and confirmed my appointment as well. The appointment I had was also kept open, unlike other places where they make you wait or take another customer without an appointment if they get there first.

The parking for this location [Lakewood] is very easy. Lots of places to park, even if it's busy. The lobby is bright and roomy. I can tell they actually take time cleaning and maintaining the lobby, which is always good. There is a coffee station in the corner, and you can get coffee or tea while you wait for your car to get serviced. You can also watch TV!

The staff that helped me was great. No up-sell, no pressure. Just get in and get out. He recommended a couple of options to fix my truck problem, which I asked for because of some issues I've been experiencing lately, but he did not push the repair at all. Instead, he told me to take my time and call back when I'm ready. I appreciate that from a car repair shop. I am not completely clueless when it comes to car repairs, so I hate it when other shops try to push for a repair that I know is not needed or I know I just did not too long ago.

This place is definitely recommended if you are in need of a good auto shop. Online and call-in reservations are both accepted for your convenience.

Brian M.

Lakewood Testimonial ImageI've been [coming] here [Lakewood] for a couple years now, and I really love their service.

Today, I had an emergency. My car inexplicably broke down on the road. I got a tow to Mountain View and, without me booking an appointment, they diagnosed the problem (the fuel pump failed), tracked down a new fuel pump, and installed it in less than three hours. All the while, they were extremely communicative about the issue and the price point.

I'm really astounded by their customer service and efficiency. They didn't have to go that hard, but they did it for me. Thank you, guys!

Arend J.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Lakewood Testimonial ImageJust to keep things short and sweet, they changed my spare and put on my original tire, and I went into the office to pay. I am gonna assume this is the owner I spoke to - he let me go free of charge as it was just a simple change.

I really appreciated this gesture as this was a very stressful day. They were as kind and helpful as can be and were able to make it as simple as possible.

Jose C.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Lakewood Testimonial ImageClean shop. Friendly staff. Quick and painless.

I needed a tire patched and they took care of it. Didn't try to up-sell me, which was great because a flat tire was not on my to-do list. They even put my spare back in the trunk with all the accessories.

Thank you!
Vikki Navarro

Lakewood Testimonial ImageThis place [Mountain View Lakewood] is very female-friendly, and all of the employees are very professional. They are efficient and give great prices. They helped me out with a flat and had me out of there in less than 30 minutes. I will be back for sure.

Kudu K.

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

Lakewood Testimonial ImageMountain View Tire and Auto Service (Lakewood) fixed my Nissan Sentra from pulling to the left, even though the alignment was well within specification prior to service. The Service Manager, Bruce, is knowledgeable with tires and vehicle maintenance. Mountain View services all my cars and I trust them above the car dealerships.

Mike O’Connor

When the tires on my Ford truck wore out, I went to Mountain View (Lakewood) for the first time. I tow a trailer and got the nitrogen package. I have been there many times to load my tires and they always give me great service. I plan on gettting air shocks for the rear tires soon. Great place, great location and great service.

Frank Johnson

Lakewood Testimonial ImageI want to express my deep appreciation for Bruce and the team at the Lakewood store.

Bruce was helpful above and beyond what I would expect when having my car repaired. It is refreshing to know that there are people like Bruce in an industry that can be intimidating for women. He was professional, helpful and dedicated to my car situation. God bless him and all at Mountain View Tire and Auto Service.

Beatriz Sarmiento 

Lakewood Testimonial Image

Hello, I am writing to let you know what an outstanding employee you have working at your Lakewood store on Clark Street.

Conrad was absolutely amazing during my recent visit to the store. Hopefully, this type of feedback is valued and weighs heavy on promotional consideration for your employees.

Patti Miller


I had a great experience at your Lakewood store today. It was to my satisfaction. The manager was pleasant and informative. I had never heard of Mountain View Tire & Service, Inc., until today. My recent experience will have me coming back.

Thank you,
Sandy N.


Last month, on a very rainy day, I encountered a flat tire on my car...less than 24 hours after I had a flat tire fixed in the Lakewood store.

I was shocked and amazed when Ernest Selma, the service manager, called to say he would be right over to pick up my keys at home and go to where my car was sitting with a flat tire. He didn't just come to fix the flat, but brought me a full refund. Wow!

I felt terrible later when I found out that the tire actually had a flat because of a completely different reason, yet he wouldn't take my money back. My car was taken to the shop, had a new tire put on, and all in the course of the day.

Needless to say, I am a very happy customer who will continue to use your services for each of my three cars. Ernest Selma has what it takes in the customer service department! Thank you, thank you!!

Lisa Carter


I went in for an oil change on 9-21-11 at your Lakewood, CA. store. My husband and I always have great service there, but yesterday it was fantastic! Ended up, much more work had to be done: shocks, struts and wheel bearings.

Douglas made sure the work would be done by closing so I would have a car to get to work the next [day]. Tom drove me home so I wouldn't have to walk two miles. Pete offered to find a locksmith I needed, and Matt offered me coffee and donuts. All this kindness was the highlight of my day, and I thought you should know.

Thank you for hiring such great people!

Robin Alexander-Wood


I had just taken my daughter to work at the Lakewood Mall, near your [Lakewood] service center. My tire went flat with a POP...and I had my 23-month old granddaughter with me. I drove slowly and a service tech met me and said they would help me inside.

Earnest Selma came to greet me and, right away, he picked up on my emotional state. He explained that my tires were all in need of repair, and when he pointed them all out to me I was overwhelmed. He assured me that everything was going to be okay. He would not turn me away without at least helping me get my spare tire on.

I am retired and a full-time care provider and Ordained Minister on a fixed income. He spoke gently and calmly. Even my granddaughter was happy with his friendly mannerisms, and she said, "Thank you" in her tiny voice. After they started to work on the tires they also pointed out the brakes on the front needed to be repaired / replaced. So Earnest suggested the Mall, but I have some anxiety issues and it was not a good option. He reminded me of the park down the street. All in all, I felt very well cared for. He explained the Goodyear credit program, which I applied for and was accepted. I had been in need of reliable car care service, and Earnest made me feel safe and happy again. Thank you and many blessings to you, Earnest.

Nikki Jo Lucero
Norwalk, CA.


I called today [Lakewood], on a Sunday, not expecting to get an answer. I was looking for some used tires and he said they don't carry used tires but had some new ones at a reasonable rate. Within an hour I had four new tires and an alignment for cheaper than I could have purchased three tires at another shop. Earnest was prompt, polite, and professional and I couldn't have asked for a better experience.

John Lawless


I have been going to the Lakewood store just for tires and other little things, but something happened both at a Ford dealer and Jiffy Lube [so] I have made the decision to use the Lakewood shop for all MY car needs. I like all the guys in the shop: Pete and AJ - they are two good guys! Plus, my daughter trusts them too. She told me when the car needs fixing she only trusts Pete and the guys because, a few weeks ago, they took care of a flat tire she had. I will be in soon for some other work to be done! It is good to know in this day and age you have PEOPLE you can TRUST with your car and family. Once again, thank you!!



From the moment we made the phone call to the [Lakewood] office to let them know what was wrong with the car, your employee, Earnest Selma, [was] so helpful. When we asked him if he could make a list of what other things we need to get done on the car the next time we bring it in, he did. He was very helpful and very nice.

Linda Hicklin
Lakewood, CA.


To whom it may concern:

I would first like to apologize for the delay in my writing this email to you. On September 4, 2009, I visited your [Lakewood] facility to purchase two tires for my vehicle. I just wanted you to know how pleasing my whole experience was.

First of all, Earnest Selma was awesome. He was very knowledgeable, patient, very kind, and he went out of his way to make this transaction happen for me. I truly wish that there was a Mr. Selma at every company I did business with!

Secondly, this is my second time coming into the Mountain View facility in Lakewood, CA and even with the absence of a woman (lol!!!), your facility (i.e. bathrooms and waiting area) is very well kept. Also, on both of my visits, I have had my young children with me and the staff there has always been very pleasant and patient, even while the children are wanting to touch everything!

And lastly, your prices beat all the other companies I called. And,believe me, as a single mother of three, it is very important to be as economical as possible.

Please forward a personal thanks to both Earnest and the store manager Pete. I truly feel safe driving my family in our car. So, again, thank you for the peace of mind and also the wonderful family vacation we were able to go on for the Labor Day weekend, which would not have happened if I didn't get those tires first. You have gained my trust and a customer for life!!!!

Warmest regards,
Kimmella Collins

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