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Newhall Testimonial ImageOn December 6, I got notice at 4pm that I was under mandatory evacuation due to the close proximity of the Santa Clarita fire. My family and I had little time to decide where we could temporarily move to. We knew we had to get out of the Santa Clarita Valley, so we opted to pack up our stuff and head out to my parents' place in Pasadena.

A day before this mandatory evacuation, my wife had run over a nail and flattened her tire. We put on the spare tire, but we knew we had to get the original fixed. My wife had gone to one local tire store in the morning, but there was nobody around who could fix it.

That afternoon we got word of the evacuation and we were looking at a hefty trek to Pasadena on a spare tire. We needed to leave to Pasadena, but we wouldn't attempt to without getting the original tire fixed and placed on the car.

Mountain View Tire Auto Service Newhall, located right off of Lyons, helped us out in a pinch.

The store officially close at 6pm, and we got there right at 6. Rather than turning us away, the manager and crew welcomed us in.

The damage to the original tire was extensive enough that I would have had no qualms about purchasing a brand new tire right there on the spot. However, the manager thought the original tire was possibly salvageable and wanted to try patching it.

The patch worked and I saved at least $100. I was impressed by the honesty of the manager and his crew. They could have easily sold me a brand new tire in my desperate situation, but they only wanted to do what was right in that situation.

When I asked how much I owed for the patch on the tire, the manager just waved it off and asked if we could write a positive review about their business.

From now on, any time I have an issue with tires, I am going to Mountain View. They earned my trust and loyalty. They are the best tire store in the valley.

Ben Z.
Valencia, CA

(This review originally appeared on Yelp.)

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