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Great Place
Car was shaking, so I stopped by and Ed would not take any money for showing me the problem. Great service, nice people, a rare thing especially in auto service. Very pleasant experience. I highly recommend this place!

Review - Rating on Service
Hi, I have been going to Mountain View Tire - Goodyear on Hamner Ave. for 8 years for all my cars. Always friendly, prompt service, and they do a very good job. Sometimes a little sales pitch for more services like transmission fluid changes or tire sales or nitrogen services, but I just say "thanks, maybe next time." They always diagnose most minor or some major problems, and my previous car ran 160,000 miles on the original brakes and rotors. I do drive 150 miles per day to work and 45,000 miles per year to work and home, trips, etc. I have never had an unforseen breakdown, aside from once a dead battery after 80,000 miles; needed a jump start and switch to a new battery. I trust Goodyear and especially Mountain View Tire anywhere. I used them in Lancaser / Palmdale, Calif. Also, I just ran on the basic oil and regular changes, checked radiator fluids , ROTATED TIRES on regular basis - all free, and any item that came up by the mechanics or me was fixed inexpensively and promptly. I would recommend them to any non-Honda / Toyota owner. I drive a Ford Fusion. Since Hondas and Toyos are bulletproof reliable. You will extend the life of your tires, and your car won't break down. In the long run it will cost you less to do basic maintenance. I am not affiliated with them nor Goodyear nor Ford, but I know good service. Driving 45,00 miles per year, I need someone I can trust and Goodyear and Mountain View Tire are my first choice. I don't even go to the Ford dealer except for recalls and major maintenance issues. Later. - Chris B. from Norco, California

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