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My daughter trusted MVT Palm Desert Town Center to change the oil on her Mini so my wife and daughter could drive back home cross country. Today the car was due for its next oil change, wish I could attach pictures. The MVT tech stripped the hell out of the oil pan and just let the car go. Five full-circle aluminum threads came out with the plug. Absolutely amazing the plug held for 2500 miles across the US, and another 2500 of commuting. There is no way a competent tech wouldn't have noticed this. I noticed, because I was the one who changed the oil several times before this, on her Mini, mine, and many others. That pan was solid.

So I call MVT, identified myself, asked for the manager intending to just let them know in case others had complained. "Fred" tells me I'll have to call back Monday, and in the middle of my next sentence, hangs up on me.

Game on, boys. Was prepared to give you the benefit of the doubt, but no more. I will give you the invoice number so you can track it down, but I cannot possibly give you a positive review.

Stay far away from Mountain View Tire and Auto Service, Town Center, Palm Desert, CA,
Owner's reply

It took a while, but we were able to reach our customer. We are paying for his new oil pan, which he will be installing because he is a mechanic. While we did not cause the problem, we should have informed the customer of how bad the threads were on the oil pan drain plug before we started this job. We didn't communicate as completely as we should have. - Chris Mitsos, Vice President / Mountain View Tire and Auto Service


Great Experience
I had a great experience today with Fred and Alex. I called at 7:30am. Fred answered the phone, gave me an estimate, and scheduled an appointment before the store even opened. My Astro Van was in the air at 8:10am. I had to have it back by 3:30pm. When I picked up the van I was concerned about a noise. I called and Alex asked me to come back. He immediately asked the mechanics to look it over again. Alex showed me a loose belt and assured me things are okay. I had to drive home and it was hot. I was concerned. I quickly realized my van had never run better. I think the mechanics fixed another problem I had without being asked to do so. I'm impressed enough to take the time to write this survey. Please acknowledge this location for going above and beyond on a very hot and busy day.

Brian Schade

Above & Beyond
I went to your Palm Desert / Town Center location after a screw lodged its way into one of my tires. Doug checked my tires and showed me that the other tires were very bad also, and explained that high-performance tires wear down faster than regular tires. He explained the options, and the car - a 350 Z - drives smoother now than when I bought it. Having retired from a Nordstrom store in Northern California, I am acutely aware of good customer service. Doug and Michael went above and beyond to turn my frown into a smile. Thanks again!!!

Rancho Mirage

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