MVT_Auto_TechToday’s automotive technology is far more advanced than it was just a generation ago, and it’s only growing more complex.

So, you may have wondered, “How can I be sure the guy working on my new car knows what he’s doing?”

  1. At Mountain View Tire, we require our technicians to complete dozens of online classes via the Goodyear E-Learning System. The subjects range from introductory wheel and tire mounting, to alignment, to advanced computer control and diagnostics.
  2. Three or four times each year, we require our technicians to attend 1 to 2-day off-site courses that are presented by our various parts suppliers.
  3. We subscribe to many online newsletters to help our staff stay current on technology and other aspects of the automotive repair industry.
  4. We require that each Mountain View Tire store has at least one ASE-certified technician on staff. Several of our stores have more than one. We also help our techs register for the appropriate classes throughout the year, so they can sharpen their skills as regularly as possible.

Because we hire skilled technicians and maintain a commitment to continuing automotive education, you can be sure that Mountain View Tire technicians know their way around your vehicle and will provide accurate diagnoses and repairs.

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