How_are_your_headlightsIt’s easy to take your vehicle’s headlights for granted - until you find yourself driving down an unfamiliar country road late at night. It’s then that you realize just how important headlights are to your safety. 

If you notice that your headlights aren’t as bright as they used to be, stop in and see us before they burn out completely. While you’re here, we can check your tail lights and turn signals to see if they’re working properly. (Be aware: When turn signal lights start blinking faster than usual, they’re about to reach the end of their service life and should be changed.)

Here are a few more tips on your vehicle’s lights from the Car Care Council:

  1. Keep your headlights, tail lights and signal lights clean. External dirt and debris can dim operational lights and keep them from being seen by other drivers. 
  2. Make sure your headlights are properly aimed. Those that aren’t can temporarily blind oncoming drivers and reduce your ability to see the road completely.
  3. Don’t overdrive your headlights. You should be able to stop safely within the illuminated area of the road. If you're driving too fast, you’re creating a blind crash area in front of your vehicle.

For help with any of your vehicle’s lights, stop into any Mountain View Tire location.

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