MVT_BrakesBrake noise isn’t necessarily a reason to panic. According to Auto Service Professional magazine, some brake noise is actually normal and can be affected by the weather and your driving habits.

For instance, you may notice that your brakes make a grinding noise first thing in the morning. That’s usually the result of light surface rust that’s built up overnight. Typically, the rust and the noise will go away after you apply the brakes a few times.

Your brakes may groan when you’re applying them to stop or even when you release the pedal after a stop. Again, that’s fairly normal.

And, if your vehicle has semi-metallic brakes, you may hear squeaking and squealing now and then when you apply the brakes lightly at medium speeds. This is usually the result of normal vibration as the brake pads come into contact with the rotors.

If your brakes are making different sounds than those, if the pedal feels soft, or if you sense a vibration or kick-back when you apply the brakes, pull up to the nearest Mountain View Tire location soon and we’ll diagnose any problems you may be having.

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