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NITROGEN TIRE INFLATION: A smart alternative

In the past, when it came to inflating your car’s tires, you were rather limited in terms of what you could inflate them with. Regular old air was your only choice. But since August 2010, Mountain View Tire & Auto Service has offered nitrogen tire fill as a smart alternative.

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Nitrogen tire fill improves fuel economy

Nitrogen molecules are larger than the air molecules that typically are found in tires. Those larger molecules can’t pass through the surface area of tires as easily, so they stay within the tires a lot longer—up to four times longer, in fact! Because your tires stay properly inflated, your vehicle’s fuel economy improves, or at the very least, doesn’t decrease.

Nitrogen tire fill helps your tires last longer

Nitrogen is a dry, inert gas. It runs cooler, doesn’t produce condensation and doesn’t oxidize. So when you inflate your tires with nitrogen, you don’t have to worry about rusty rims or damage to the belts and inner lining of your tires. And tires inflated with nitrogen are less likely to fail prematurely. In fact, nitrogen can actually increase tire life by 20%.

You can have your tires filled with nitrogen at select Mountain View Tire & Auto Service locations. Ask if your local store offers nitrogen tire inflation.

Nitrogen tire fill saves you money

Between the tires’ extended service life and the improved fuel economy, the average driver can save $150-$300 each year just by using nitrogen in their tires. By the way, nitrogen tire inflation is standard on NASCAR, Formula 1 and Indy 500 cars, and at NASA. The Federal Aviation Administration also requires that nitrogen be used in all aircraft tires.

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